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DV Data Gather Software
SNB Data Gather Software
Small Sample Adaptor
CAP Series Cone Viscometer
NDJ Series Digial Viscometer
SNB Series Digital Viscometer
DV Series Digital Viscometer
DV-79 Series Digital Viscometer
STM Digital Viscometer
High Temp Viscometer
FDV Starch Painting Vicometer
ZNY -1 Online Viscometer
LV Rotors cP(mPa.s)
RV Rotors (mPa.s)
SC4 Rotors cP(mPa.s)
CAP Rotors (mPa.s)
Minute Viscosity Adaptor (ULA)
Constant Temp Water Bath
Mini Printer
RTD Temp Sensor
Standard Oil
Glass Cycling Flask
DV-79 Series A Container
Glass Cycling Flask


Glass Cycling Flask


1.       Obtains the sample temperature precisely by the water bath jacket

2.       Easy utilization and inexpensive

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