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The company organized its staff holiday tour in Mount Tianzhu in spring 2012.
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In order to further enhance the cohesion and team spirit of the enterprise, enrich the staff's life, cultivate the staff's sentiment, create a good corporate culture atmosphere, reflect the enterprise's care for the staff, on April 20, the company's trade union organized staff spring vacation tourism in Tianzhu Mountain. Mount Tianzhu is named for its main peak. Also known as Wanshan and Wangong mountain, they are known as "ancient Nanyue". Located in the southern foot of the Dabie Mountains and the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River plain, Tianzhu Mountain is a gathering place of ancient Anhui culture with extensive and profound cultural landscape. The natural scenery of Tianzhu Mountain is amazing. The natural scenery is magnificent and beautiful. The sea of fog, tide and clouds is magnificent and magnificent. It has both the magnificent scenery of Huangshan Mountain and the secluded scenery of Lushan Mountain. There are strange and loose rocks, waterfalls, and canyons, hidden holes, dangerous customs and ancient villages. This trip to Tianzhu Mountain has brought the feelings between employees closer, deepened friendship, created an atmosphere of unity and upward, embodied the company's people-oriented concept, enabled employees to broaden their horizons, cultivate their sentiments, and enhance their sense of honor and mutual trust as employees of Nirun. Employees said that after relaxing their minds and minds, they must devote themselves wholeheartedly to their own work, repay the enterprises with practical actions, and make their due contributions for the enterprises to create brilliance again.

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