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NTV-ENTV-E Series Viscometer


Brand new visual digital viscosity

Technical characteristics:

1:7 inch wide touch screen, easy to operate and display rich information.

2: anti static shell, metal lifting rod design

3: built in PT100 temperature probe

4:ARM chip processor, faster data processing speed

5: durable new small shaft design

6: powerful human-machine interaction interface

7: automatic conversion of dynamic viscosity and kinematic viscosity.

8: any exchange of various viscosity units.

9: a variety of humanized operation style interface exchange

10: random with powerful wizard help.

11: viscosity values show continuous changes.

12: there is alarm sound beyond the measurement range.

13: computer full scale linear correction

14: AC power adapter 100V-240V, good anti-interference.

Optional accessories:

1: special viscosity measuring constant temperature water tank.

2: super low viscosity adapter

3: standard solution.

4: Mini printers

5; outer circulation glass beaker


Ink, glue, latex, petroleum, solvents, paint coatings, solvent-based adhesives, polymer solutions, cosmetics, milk products, pharmaceuticals, juices, etc.

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